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Mission & Vision

BGB Italia aims to provide an effective connection between buyers, suppliers, charities and nonprofit organizations and the important causes they represent, linking human virtues to world issues on a major scale.

A strong and stable leadership team, ambitious yet calculated decision-making and ground-breaking ideas all contribute to the creation of great companies. Of course, these have played a major part in our development, but we believe our business ethics are the foundation on which our success has been built.

Core Values


Exercising good judgment in professional practice
makes us perfect to work with if you're looking for a company that makes the right decisions.


Acting with reasonable restraint, without indulging in excessive behavior, is the best way to deliver the best service to our customers.


We are loyal to our clients and to our suppliers. For this reason, we are seen as trustworthy from the broad public.


When there are people in need, we will be there to help, and to move forward as a one, whole, inclusive team.


In this slideshow you can see the latest and most innovative products we are shipping to the market.

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